Genius of the Conscientious Style

This is the 4th of a four-part series on The Genius of Style. When conducting Taking Flight with DISC training, we discuss the hidden genius that each DISC style possesses. This remarkable ability comes so naturally to each style that they may barely notice it, yet this genius plays a major role in their own success. It’s also a skill that none of the other styles possess at the genius level.

The genius of the C styleJoe was running out of time. As Head of Supply Chain for a large manufacturer, he was responsible for ensuring that products were shipped on time to clients around the world. Joe was confronted with a process issue that ensnared suppliers, warehousing, shipping, and their own accounting office in communication breakdowns that threatened to derail a large customer account. It was a problem that only seemed to grow more convoluted with each attempt to fix it.With a deadline looming and other fires competing for his attention, Joe hit on upon an idea: Have Caroline take a crack at it!After being apprised of the situation, Caroline immersed herself in the project. Energized by the complexity of the situation, she immediately organized all of the relevant factors in a spread sheet, isolated their processes into a color-coded scheme, and then systematically analyzed each of the variables that could have, in isolation or in conjunction with other factors, be causing the problem. After two days of intense focus, Caroline identified three interlocking issues along with their underlying root causes, and created a detailed presentation with several possible solutions. Joe was elated.What is the C’s hidden genius? C’s embrace complexity.Conscientious styles enjoy analyzing complex problems and arriving at points of view that are backed by a careful examination of the facts and supported by logical reasoning. This represents a skill set that is in enormous demand in our ever increasingly interconnected and multifaceted world, and one that none of the other styles relish with such delight.So, the next time you find yourself grappling with an issue that requires a high level of analytic power to resolve, find your nearest Conscientious style and watch the magic unfold.

Daniel Silvert