Accuracy by Style

In DISC training programs I often turn to a group of C’s and ask, “When you’re working on a project, what is the most important aspect of it to you?” The response is almost always: “It’s got be right.”

For Conscientious styles, accuracy is of paramount concern, because without it, chaos can quickly follow. C’s spend the vast majority of their energy constructing precise processes and systems that ensure support this goal of precision. Does this mean that other styles do not value accuracy? Not at all, but there are degrees.

A D is likely to think: “Ok, it wasn’t completely accurate, but we got it done! Let’s move on.”

An I is likely to say: “Ok, it wasn’t totally accurate. But since we got it done, lets celebrate!”

An S is likely to say: “While it’s true that it wasn’t completely accurate, what’s really important is that we did it together and we all got along. Times are stressful and the team pulled through intact.”

By understanding what each style priorities most in their work, we gain key insights into their behavior and needs.

Daniel Silvert