D’s and Clarity

Ever notice that some people have a proverbial sign on their forehead that says “cut to the chase!”? If you speak a little bit long, their body language gets fidgety, they instinctively reach for their phone then pull back, their eyes dart around.

They’re trying to be gracious about it, but they really wish you would just… cut to the chase! In such cases, the chances are high that you are encountering someone with a strong Dominant DISC style.

Why are D’s like this?

Here’s one theory developed over years of working with thousands of D’s: Dominant styles know who they are and where they are going. If a D lacks information on a subject that’s important, he or she will acquire it in the most efficient way possible, then move forward. This ‘get from point A to point B to point C’ orientation manifests itself in their communication as well. Dominant styles speak in a direct manner, often with an authoritative tone. Some might even call them blunt. One adjective that will never fit a D’s communication style, however, is fuzzy. D’s place a premium on clarity. Clarity of thought, clarity of mission, clarity of speech. The reason a D is silently tapping his or her toe while waiting for the bottom line is that only then will there be clarity about what the D can do to help you, either by offering a solution to a problem or pointing you in the right direction. And therein lies the irony. D’s look impatient because in most cases they are – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be helpful. Quite the opposite, they want clarity from you so that they can be helpful.

So the next time you see that forehead sign, cut to the chase!