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Keeping the Beat

Keeping the Beat

June 3, 2021

Keeping the Beat by Merrick Rosenberg

As I watched my son’s school concert last night, I realized that drummer plays the role of the Supportive or “S” DISC style in the band. The drummer holds the music together. The drummer’s role is to keep the beat and ensure that everyone stays in sync.

If a singer is off-key, the band can continue without interruption. If a drummer strays from the beat, it will throw off the entire ensemble. A weak drummer will create a weak band.

The drummer needs to listen to the other musicians and know exactly where to come in. He provides the space for the melody section to play their instruments without interruption. In so doing, the drummer compliments and enhances the melody.

The drummer’s background role serves to emphasize the other instruments and vocals. Generally, the drummer does not seek the spotlight, but rather provides the foundation for everyone else to shine.

The drummer in a band is like an S on a team. In the workplace, S’s provide the consistency and reliability of always being there to support the group. They don’t break the team’s rhythm by adding conflict to the environment. They listen with empathy and give everyone else the opportunity to be their best.

In the DISC system, the S is the drummer that keeps the beat and holds everything together. As Brody Armstrong said, “A drummer is usually like the backbone.”

Merrick Rosenberg

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