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More Powerful vs. Less Powerful

More Powerful vs. Less Powerful

June 3, 2021

Each DISC style has a different ability to influence the world, and this impacts how people with each style interact with the world.

For example, Eagles typically feel that they are more powerful than their environment and have the capacity to shape outcomes through goal setting, resourcefulness, and hard work. Eagles love a challenge precisely because it’s difficult to accomplish. By possessing the confidence to overcome obstacles, Eagles are confident that they can influence outcomes to their satisfaction.

Parrots are also convinced that they can dramatically impact their environment. However, their energy is fueled by sheer optimism. Who says we can’t do it?! To a Parrot, the world is filled with exciting opportunities just waiting to be seized. Their ‘glass half-full’ approach enables Parrots to be energized by a grand vision, motivate others towards the cause, and diminish concerns that could otherwise keep a project from being launched. It’s not that Parrots do not see obstacles, they’re just optimistic that any setback will be overcome. Not having the answer right now is not a concern. Solutions will be found in time.

Doves believe that, as individuals, they are substantially less powerful than their environment. Doves are reluctant to shake up the status quo because unforeseen consequences cause stress, anxiety and conflict within a team. The solution, therefore, is to build consensus with as large a group of people as possible before taking action, so that potential negative consequences will be shared and supported by all.

Owls also see themselves as less powerful than the complex and unpredictable world that surrounds them. To counteract this reality, Owls invest much of their time, and energy in collecting data, creating systems to organize information, and devising tools that enable the most accurate analysis. Taken together, this logical, and methodical approach enables Owls to increase their chance of success.

How each of us views the world drives how each of us acts and interacts in the world. What do you see?

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