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Sometimes Even You Can Be Annoying

Sometimes Even You Can Be Annoying

June 3, 2021

We are keenly aware that at times, other people push our buttons. But we don’t put much thought into the notion that we may push other peoples buttons too.

And what’s worse, we may be unwittingly pushing their buttons just by being who we are.

The DISC styles can help us to understand why this happens. By understanding ourselves and others, we can better recognize our differences and even predict where those differences will create discomfort and dreaded button-pushing.

Consider the direct, results-driven Dominant D’s. By simply being candid, they can offend others who prefer the message to be softened. In fact, there may be nothing disrespectful about the D’s message, but stating it bluntly can push a sensitive S’s buttons.

How can an Interactive I’s excitement and bubbling exuberance be anything but positive? They are adding positive energy everywhere they go, motivating others, and creating a can-do spirit with their optimism. And yet, the C’s can be bothered because they feel like the I is being insincere and phony. After all, who can be that happy all the time?

As for the Supportive S’s, they are just being themselves when they patiently and calmly deal with what’s happening around them. They don’t get ruffled (or at least show that they are) and they always seem to be level-headed and tranquil. However, when the D encounters this stable energy, they may get frustrated and want to stir the pot to create action.

The Conscientious C’s strive for perfection and want things to be done right. What can possibly be wrong with a quality focus and a willingness to plan things through? The I’s might tell you that C’s drive them crazy because they lack spontaneity and flexibility. And besides, from their perspective, “excessive” planning just gets in the way of progress.

So there we have it. By just being ourselves, we may push other people’s buttons. The DISC styles can help us make the shift from judging to understanding, and ultimately, to acceptance. We may think it would be easier if everyone were more like us, but the fact that we all have something unique to add makes the world a lot more interesting.

Merrick Rosenberg

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