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Stressing Out in Style

Stressing Out in Style

June 3, 2021

Stress is a funny thing. It makes us act in ways that minimize our effectiveness and push other people’s buttons. Each of the DISC styles responds to differently when stressed.

The Dominant eagles can become aggressive and belligerent, where everything must be exactly how they want it. Interactive parrots can become scattered and need to share the story behind their stress with everyone they meet. Supportive doves retreat into their own inner world and while they deeply experience stress and discomfort, others may not be aware of what they are going through. And Conscientious owls obsess on the details to make sure every action they take is perfect and carefully planned.

Under extreme stress, however, behaviors can become even more atypical of someone’s natural tendencies. In fact, behaviors under extreme stress can be the exact opposite of how a person acts under normal circumstances. D’s simply surrender to the desires of others and you might here them say something like, “I don’t care. Just do what you want.” I’s become silent and process their experience within the confines of their own mind. S’s can explode with anger and aggressively fight for what they want. And C’s can make hasty decisions without thinking them through.

So, if you experience someone displaying behaviors that don’t match their DISC style, you might just be observing them under stress or extreme stress.

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