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Discover Why It's Good to be THE CHAMELEON
MARLTON, NJ ? October 00, 2017 ? Are you struggling to communicate effectively with your boss or spouse? Having trouble nailing that interview or landing that big account? The solution to each of these scenarios boils down to adaptability. In The Chameleon: Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does, by personality expert, entrepreneur, and speaker, Merrick Rosenberg, you will discover how to use your personality style to flex to any person or situation.

A consistently top-rated and reviewed book, The Chameleon, is now available in audiobook at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

?The most successful people are the most adaptable,?? said Rosenberg, chief executive officer and co-founder of Take Flight Learning, the leading DISC personality styles training company in the United States.

?But before you can qualify as a master-adapter ? or ?Chameleon? ? you must first know yourself and understand others. An easy and effective way to figure out what makes you tic is through the reimagined DISC personality styles model that I introduced in my first book, Taking Flight!, and expand upon in The Chameleon.?

The Chameleon

The Chameleon takes DISC personality styles out of the workplace and into everyday life via 22 fables based on a diverse group of birds, the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl characters created by Rosenberg, each of whom represent one of the four DISC Personality Styles, explained in the introduction fable.

The four birds are guided by an all-knowing chameleon. Together, they must work through a variety of real-life situations. Listeners will easily relate to the take charge eagles, highly social parrots, compassionate doves, and detail-oriented owls. As the characters learn about the four personality styles, listeners and readers will discover key principles for improving interpersonal relationships and capitalizing on personal strengths.

Following each fable, an application section titled ?Chameleon Wisdom? ? guides listeners to apply personality style insights to their professional and personal lives.

The audiobook features voiceover artist Allyson Briggs, who narrates the chapters. Rosenberg personally narrates the ?Chameleon Wisdom? sections after each chapter and ?The Personality Song? ? a bonus track at the end of the book.

?Rosenberg is a master storyteller who shows us how to mindfully create positive interactions through a delightful series of fables,? said Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage. ?This book will help you unlock your greatest potential and bring happiness into your life,? The Chameleon is available for immediate download at, Amazon, and iTunes.

Rosenberg co-founded Team Builders Plus, the largest team building company in the United States, in 1991, and Take Flight Learning, the leading DISC training company in the United States, in 2012. Under Rosenberg's leadership, his company has been recognized as the New Jersey Business of the Year and named one of the Fastest Growing Companies and Best Places to Work in the Philadelphia area.

Personally, Rosenberg has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies and has led DISC training programs for more than 30,000 people and spoken to tens of thousands more on how to incorporate the personality styles into one's work and personal life. Taking Flight with DISC, the training program that Rosenberg designed, is recognized as the Best Personality Styles Training Program in the United States by Corporate Vision Magazine. #TheChameleon; #TakeFlightLearning; @DISCStyles; @MerrickR

Team Builders Plus

Team Builders Plus a division of Take Flight Learning, offers creative and effective team building programs, personality styles training, individual and team assessments, and leadership development for organizations around the world.

Take Flight Learning and Team Builders Plus have worked with thousands of companies, government agencies, and more than two-thirds of the current Fortune 100 companies.

Based in Marlton, NJ, and founded in 1991 by CEO Merrick Rosenberg and President Jeff Backal, Take Flight Learning is the leading DISC training company in the Unites States. After more than two decades of experience with DISC personality styles and training tens of thousands of people in the DISC styles, Rosenberg breathed new life into this age-old model by linking the styles to the birds in his books, Taking Flight! and The Chameleon. Take Flight Learning offers a variety of DISC training programs, products, services, and keynote speaking.

DISC sessions are provided for organizations including programs for individuals, teams, leaders, salespeople, and educators, and trainers through Take Flight with DISC Certification.

Take Flight Learning is proud to have been recognized repeatedly (17 times collectively, in the past 11 years) as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies & Best Places to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal, one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S. by Inc. magazine, one of the region's Fastest Growing Companies by South Jersey Biz magazine, and as the New Jersey Business of the Year and one of NJ's Finest 50 Fastest Growing Companies by NJ Biz magazine.
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