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What Drives Each Style

What Drives Each Style

June 3, 2021

We all have different needs and desires that shape our behaviors. Given that how we think drives how we act, if we understand an individual’s needs, we can understand and possibly even predict how someone will act in given situations. The DISC System helps us to understand these needs and therefore, guides our awareness of what drives each style.

Let’s start with the Dominant Eagle style. Eagles are driven by results and passionately believe that they will succeed at anything they put their minds to. This, combined with their natural confidence, spurs their quest for roles of authority. Climbing the corporate ladder gives Eagles the autonomy and resources (meaning you) to accomplish larger and larger goals. To other styles, such unbridled ambition makes it easy to label Eagles as power-hungry or egotistical. However, most Eagles are much more interested in earning the respect of the few they admire than the adoration of everyone else. It’s all about accomplishment for the Eagles.

Interactive Parrots often make themselves the center of attention for a reason. It’s not just because they are charismatic, articulate, and wildly enthusiastic. Those qualities serve a deeper purpose: Parrots love to be loved. Making new friends and finding ways to have fun with everyone you encounter is a great way to enjoy life. And Parrots are all about encouraging others to enjoy life as much as they do. What is the Parrots biggest fear? Anonymity. To be ignored or unnoticed is the negation of self to a Parrot.

Supportive Doves cope with the pressures and distractions of modern life by seeking to create deep harmony in all relationships and environments. Through self-sacrifice, patience, and empathetic listening, Doves forge strong personal bonds and unshakable commitments to those they care about. Nothing makes a Dove feel more alive and connected to their purpose than to help others be fulfilled, safe, and happy. If you’ve ever wondered why a Dove in your life will avoid difficult conversations or conflict nearly at all costs, it’s because they have a deeply rooted need to reinforce what bonds us together, rather than what pulls us apart.

Conscientious Owls have a tremendous need to reinforce accuracy and logic in all aspects of their lives. They prefer careers that are grounded in quality outcomes, where high performance can be measured and verified. Owls are most comfortable when communication with others is guided by rationality and steeped in information. They provide facts and details because this is what they seek in return. The more data, the more opportunity there is to validate a process or an opinion. Owls are sometimes labeled as ‘control freaks’ when delegating projects to others. However, they are just trying to be helpful by providing as many facts and details as they can to support a successful outcome.

By paying close attention to what drives people with different DISC styles, we can adapt our behaviors and better satisfy their needs…which ultimately, helps us to better satisfy our own.

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