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What Would Dorian Do?

What Would Dorian Do?

June 3, 2021

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations that require us to act ways that are outside of our comfort zone. When this happens, at best, we feel uncomfortable. At worst, the fear becomes so overwhelming that we do whatever we can to avoid the situation.

But how do we go about identifying the right course of action when all we want to do is run? The secret lies in finding someone who you think would shine in this scenario. So, take a deep breath and identify a person who you believe would intuitively know what to do and say to resolve your issue.

Here’s where the DISC styles come into play. If you’re an S and you need to act like a D, simply identify a D, such our D eagle in Taking Flight! and ask yourself, “What would Dorian do?”

Keep in mind, the person that you select can be real or fictitious as long, as they fit the right style. This strategy takes us out of our habitual way of thinking and opens our mind to possibilities that are not consistent with our own DISC style.

So, the next time you have a problem that is not comfortable for you to address, simply find someone who you think would easily handle the situation and ask yourself what they would do. You may be surprised that you do know what to do…because in the end, the insights aren’t really coming from that person, they are coming from you.

Merrick Rosenberg

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