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DISC Styles Therapy

DISC Styles Therapy

June 3, 2021

The other day, I walked by a neighbor who has strong Owl (C) and Dove (D) style tendencies.
(In the DISC model, that makes him a (CS), which I refer to as the Perfectionist style pattern in Taking Flight!.)

My neighbor was in the midst of yet another home improvement project. It seems like every weekend he’s working on something. But it’s not just that he’s working on something, it’s the precision with which he works that astounds me. Watching him is like watching a master carpenter engaged in his craft. He makes a measurement, and then checks it. He checks it again. He stands back. Looks longingly at what he’s done. Makes one final check, and then and only then does he make the cut.

As someone who has strong Parrot style tendencies, I was exhausted just watching him. I wanted to yell, “Just cut it already!”

So, in pure Parrot fashion, I commented, “I could not do what you are doing. I’d measure it once and cut it,” to which he replied, “but how do you know it’s right?” My Parrot-style answer: “Because I measured it!”

He didn’t see the humor.

We talked about our different approaches and at one point, he explained, “This is like therapy for me.”

“Therapy?” I thought to myself. I think I’d need therapy after doing that.

Then it dawned on me: That which feeds one person, drains another.

When my neighbor was in his natural Owl/Dove (CS) mode, it was comfortable and even soothing for him to lose himself in his work.

To me, this is the power of the DISC model in action. I realized how much I not only respect, but also need Owl’s in my life. I also realized that I should not build things.

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