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Kids and the DISC Model

Kids and the DISC Model

June 3, 2021

Kids say the darndest things and sometimes we can link what they say to the DISC styles. The following are four situations in which children innocently reveal their style:

D (eagle) child: I have a friend who likes to play what he thinks is a cute game with his toddler. My friend says to his daughter, “Who’s in charge?” To which his daughter confidently replies, “I am!” The funny (or not so funny) part of this story is that the kid is right. She is in charge. As a D, that child rules the house…and probably will for years to come.

I (parrot) child: While on an airplane with my 10 year old son, who happens to be an I, he turns to me and says, “If I were the pilot, I’d tell jokes the whole time. I have a microphone and 200 people that can’t go anywhere.” The good news is that my son is quite funny. The bad news is that sometimes, his teachers need to contain his humor and metaphorically take his microphone away.

S (dove) child: I was in a theater watching a movie with my kids when one of the actors made a fleeting facial expression that was barely perceptible. I overhead a young girl behind me ask her mother, “Why is she so sad?” The mother explained that the person wasn’t sad. But the child was right. That was the first hint that the character was unhappy and this little girl picked it up. Her S style ability to empathically tune into emotion was already present.

C (owl) child: It was the first day of Spring and I walked by my 6-year old son who was staring out the window. A few minutes later, I noticed that he had not moved from his spot. I approached him and asked what he was looking at. He turned to me and with an exasperated expression and asked, “What time do the birds get back?” In his concrete and logical C-style approach to the world, he knew that the birds returned on the first day of Spring and he wanted to see them.

We all reveal our own DISC style in the things we say. So, the next time someone says something that surprises or delights you, pay attention to whether or not they just offered a glimpse into who they are.

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