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Meeting in Style

Meeting in Style

June 3, 2021

We talk about the DISC styles in terms of people, but meetings can have a style too…and the style of the meeting usually correlates with the style of the person running it. The irony is, we don’t even realize that we are running meeting that satisfy our internal needs, but what about everyone else?

Given that D’s are direct and results-driven, D style meetings tend to be formal and to the point. D meetings are all about making quick decisions and moving on to the next topic.

I’s are enthusiastic and social, so meetings tend to be casual and can easily get off track. I meetings are seen as a time to bring the group together and generate energy and excitement for the team’s vision.

The harmonious and empathetic S nature tends to result in meetings in which everyone has the opportunity to contribute and consensus is sought. S meetings are inclusive and give everyone an opportunity to get involved and contribute.

And since C’s are process-oriented and organized, their meetings are structured and follow pre-determined agendas. C meetings have a plan and adhere to the plan.

So what kind of meetings do you run?

And do you run them based upon your style or the styles of the people in attendance?

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