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The Interview

The Interview

June 3, 2021

Are you going on an interview? If so, wait! What does your DISC style reveal about how you are likely to come across?

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As an Eagle, (Dominant style) remember that your confidence level is naturally higher than other styles. This can be a great asset, or a liability when overused. Pepper your commanding tone with examples where your past mistakes resulted in a faster learning curve. What mistakes, you ask? Do some homework and you’ll find them. Employers want to see that you will get smarter, not just that you’re smart.

If you’re a Parrot (Influence style), be mindful that some interviewers are put off by an informal nature, too much talking, or high enthusiasm right-out-of-the-gate. Your natural optimism will shine through regardless, so focus instead on structured communication that suggest you can think in an organized, rational way.

If you’re a Dove (Supportive style), remember that an extra dose of assertiveness in an interview will probably serve you well, even if it feels a bit awkward at first. After all, your purpose in an interview is not to answer questions, but to distinguish yourself from the competition. Embrace this by cheerfully sharing your achievements.

Owls (Conscientious styles), your inquisitive mind will serve you well in an interview, but so will a smile. While the workplace needs your analytical skills more than ever, your ability to connect on a slightly more emotional level, starting with your interviewer, will pay big dividends for your career.

How can you recognize the style of your interviewer? For that, check out the people reading blog …..

Daniel Silvert

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