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Two Species of Owl

Two Species of Owl

June 3, 2021

Owls, or C’s in the DISC world, are known for their logic and accuracy. They like plans, systems, and order. You would think it would be easy to recognize an Owl by the pristine neatness of their office, since they are organizational gurus, right? Not always. You see, there are two kinds of organizational systems that Owls tend to embrace.

The first kind is perhaps the more obvious. These are the people who have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. They organize their cabinets at home with the cans in alphabetical order with the labels facing out or maybe by food group, but the labels are still facing out. Their offices are similarly neat. Everything is pristinely clean and organized. Their pens even line up perfectly when not in use.

The second organizational system does not even look like an organizational system to anyone but the Owl who created it. It looks like a nightmarish pile of papers and anything they feel they may need at some future date. The Owl who created this heap knows exactly where each item is and can reach into a giant stack of papers in an instant and remove the one that is needed. The worst thing you could do to this species of Owl is make them clean it up and “organize” it. They’ll never find anything ever again.

So while Owls have internal organizational needs, they may look quite different depending on the species of the owl question.

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